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Guidance for Exiles
Jeremiah 29:1-14 Mr. Jon Beall
June 24, PM

Serving in the Military or on the Police Force: An Option for Christians?
Matthew 5:38-42; Luke 22:35-38 Dr. Allen Tomlinson
June 24, AM

False Prophets
Jeremiah 28:1-17 Mr. Jon Beall
June 17, PM

A Prophet’s Questions
Jeremiah 20:5-18 Mr. Jon Beall
June 10, PM

Heaven (Part 2)
Revelation 21:9-14, 22-27; 22:1-5 Dr. Allen Tomlinson
June 10, AM

Prophecy and Arrest
Jeremiah 19:14 - 20:6 Mr. Jon Beall
June 3, PM

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